Phising Simulation

Phishing Simulation

What is Phishing?

Phishing is an attempt to trick you to open a malicious email and open any attachments or links therein. The email deceptively appears to come from a recognized or reputed source like the government, your favorite online store or worse, a customer, supplier or a vendor. Once opened, these malicious emails usually contain a URL, or attachments that may be used to install malware or extract sensitive data. Your security and data integrity is quickly compromised with this phishing attempt. 

The term itself appeared as an internet terminology in the early 90s and is a homophone of fishing. Phishing attacks have dramatically increased over the past few years and are fast becoming a cyber criminal’s weapon of choice.

Global It Skills Strategies to Subvert Phishing Attacks

At Global it skills, we have an extensive setup to simulate a phishing attack and test the security awareness amongst your employees and contacts. Phishing simulation is a cost-effective and simple method for conducting simulated phishing attacks. 

With Global it skills, simulation kit, you can evaluate the human element of cyber security. You can test employees for their preparedness for a genuine phishing attack and train them well for similar phishing attacks. 

At Global it skills, we believe that you must understand your organisation’s susceptibility to phishing and prioritize setting up countermeasures.


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