Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician

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About Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician

The Mobile Phone Hardware Repair Technician diagnoses problems and repairs the faulty module of the mobile phone.

Brief Job Description:
 The individual at work is responsible for rectifying faults in the mobile phone brought in by the customer. The individual receives the faulty mobile phone, diagnoses the problems, performs front end or hardware level repair as required, resolves software issues and ensures effective functioning before delivering back to customer.

Personal Attributes: The job requires the individual to have: attention to details, patience, ability to listen, steady hands, logical thinking and customer orientation. The individual must work on desk with different types of equipment.

Course Outline

  • Engage with the customer
  • Understand the complaint
  • Check for terms and conditions of using system
  • Perform front end repair
  • Interact with supervisor or superior and achieve targets
  • Follow standard repair procedures and avoid damage
  • Diagnose the problem in the mobile phone
  • Decide on the type of repairs to be performed
  • Assemble or disassemble the mobile phone as per repair required
  • Replace or repair the faulty module
  • Fix the software malfunction
  • Document the repair process
  • Seek assistance from superior as necessary
  • Report and document work status and achieve productivity target
  • Interact with supervisor or superior
  • Coordinate with colleagues
  • Follow standard safety procedures while handling an equipment
  • Participate in company’s safety drills and workshops

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