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About CRM Domestic Non-Voice

Domestic Non- Voice in the IT-ITeS Industry is also known as a Customer Service Associate, Customer Service Representative, Customer Care Executive, Customer Service Advisor, Helpdesk Coordinator, Customer Support Representative, Support Engineer, Support Consultant, and Process Associate Transaction etc.

Brief Job Description: Individuals at this job are responsible for resolving queries and customer cases over web-chat or email. They form the primary layer of contact with the customer and responses may be made on either preexisting email templates or customized mails to the query requirement.

Personal Attributes: This job requires the individual to either work independently or collaboratively in teams to resolve customer queries effectively. The individual should possess excellent communication skills and should be willing to take up a desk-based job with long hours.

Course Outline

  • Supervisor
  • Other members of your team
  • Subject matter experts
  • Activities (what you are required to do)
  • Deliverables (the outputs of your work)
  • Quantity (the volume of work you are expected to complete)
  • Standards (what is acceptable performance, including compliance with Service Level Agreements)
  • Timing (when your work needs to be completed)
  • line manager
  • The person requesting the work
  • Members of the team/department
  • Members from other teams/departments
  • Equipment
  • Materials
  • Information
  • Illness
  • Accidents
  • Fires
  • Other reasons to evacuate the premises
  • Breaches of security
  • Information
  • Government agencies in the areas of safety, health and security and their norms and services

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