Would you like to give back to society and - train the millennials?

Are you a seasoned expert in your field and are raring to share your tips and techniques to the youngsters? Do you have a penchant for teaching? Would you like to hone your presentation skills and also give yourself a refresher on the basics and the advanced topics?

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Ways to Contribute

Would you like to give back to society and - train the millennials?

Are you a seasoned expert in your field and are raring to share your tips and techniques to the youngsters? Do you have a penchant for teaching? Would you like to hone your presentation skills and also give yourself a refresher on the basics and the advanced topics?

Ways to Contribute

Join the Global IT Skills community to do this and much more

At Global IT Skills, we have created this exciting world of sharing, contributing and simply chilling out with your peers as well as young students.

Global IT Skills has more than 25 years of experience, infrastructure and knowledge base in the training industry. We have trained thousands of students over the last 3 decades in various emerging and nascent fields in programming, hardware maintenance, networking, and the internet. 

Apart from the technical trainings, we also train our students in soft skills like communication, team building, leadership and management. We believe that when our students join the work force, they should be holistically trained in all aspects of work life.

We at Global IT Skills enjoy the experience of sharing our knowledge and training young minds to take on the challenges in the working world. Currently, we are engaging with experts to design the course on trending topics like data science, machine learning, AI, IoT and so on. 

We would like you to join our community and contribute, share and savor the satisfaction of being a guru to an attentive and rapt audience.

Where do you fit in – AI, ML, Cyber Security, or Data Science?

So, let’s elaborate a bit on our plans for the Global IT Skills community. We are looking for experts to hold Walk-the-Talk sessions and in-depth lectures in the following domains:


Are you part of the AI growth story from its nascent stages in the industry? Do you have interesting stories and case studies to showcase the evolution and amalgamation of AI with machine learning and other technologies?

You may want to:

  • Give deep dive lectures and hands on training on algorithms and coding required for an AI professional
  • Explain the AI learning path from machine learning to machine intelligence and finally the future as in machine consciousness.
  • Advise the student community on how to choose a career path in AI based on their exposure and interest level
  • Chart out the learning plan for a data scientist to migrate to AI or a programmer to move towards AI programming.
  • Design lectures and practice sessions on various components of AI.


We at Global IT Skills encourage our students to always be on the leading edge of technology. Machine learning has spawned numerous learning paths and career paths for professionals to explore and contribute.

As experts in machine learning, you can:

  • Share insights and case studies that sparked innovations in machine learning
  • Teach statistical modelling, linear and logistic regression and other foundational concepts in machine learning
  • Explain the ML stack and the various tools, technologies, versions, libraries and so on that will give students the overall picture of the ML technology stack
  • Conduct deep dive sessions on data analysis which is the key to effective ML.


Global IT Skills has been around from the time the prefix ‘cyber’ became the buzzword during the 90s. We rode the security infrastructure wave and groomed our students to be cyber-aware in all technologies driving the internet, including cyber security. 

As a cyber security expert, you are well aware that there is an impending crisis of a shortage of next-gen cyber security professionals in the industry. We believe that you are the best person to drive home the point – that a career in cyber security is an exciting, challenging and intricate part of the whole networked ecosystem.

Join us to give training, lectures, and workshops on the various facets of cyber security like:

  • Certifications available in the cyber security domain, like the Offensive Security Penetration Testing (OSCP) certification.
  • Intrusion Analysis
  • Firewall setup
  • Cryptography and steganography
  • Ethical hacking
  • Malware analysis, risk analysis and mitigation
  • And more

At the Global IT Skills community, we encourage debates and discussions on trends in the cyber security world.


Many young minds are curious to know about data science. Career choices in the data science field are vast and the internet is full of ads, courses and blogs about data science and data scientists. 

We need your hard-earned expertise in data science to clear the air about prospects in data science and the career path in this field. Data science is an emerging new technology and as pioneers in this field, you can learn more and experiment with ideas and challenges that come from the millennial generation of students.

Let’s create activities, discussions and insightful sessions on topics like:

  • The road leading to data science and big data analytics
  • Inflection point in BI analytics and coping with unstructured data
  • Definitions, concepts and insights on big data terminologies
  • Predictive analytics, decision making and the connection with advanced machine learning algorithms
  • Tools, algorithms and machine learning principles
  • Differences in roles of a data analyst, statistician and a data scientist.
  • Data science life cycle and common tools for model building
  • Case studies and real-life examples of data science usage.

We understand that we may not have listed all the options, key knowledge areas or aspects of data science in a few lines above. That is the point, join the community to give back to the learning team, enrich your experience and help build a highly skilled set of data scientists. 

Who You Are?

Who You Are?

  • Let’s begin by sharing our vision of the ideal and the not-so-ideal community member!
  • Are you an IITian from a leading IIT in India, who has put in more than 20 years in the industry?
  • Are you a silicon valley expert, who has learned and lived in the tech world in the US for many years and are now musing over relocating to India?
  • Do you have a passion for teaching and would like to teach as a part-time experience?
  • Are you brimming with deep knowledge about a favorite topic and are waiting for an opportunity to speak about it?
  • Do you have the time, interest and knowledge to answer forum questions on a topic?
  • Would you like to be a lead trainer, full time but remote from your location in India or anywhere across the world?
  • Would you like to be part of the millennial happening stories in the IT world?

Pick Your Slot!

We are flexible! We understand that you are willing to share and groom young minds. We also know the many constraints you may face today. 

We are not talking about timing, location and renumeration. In today’s world, it is easy to set up webinars, seminars, lectures and in-Class sessions easily. We do this all the time at Global IT Skills.

Just let us know when you want to get started! The time and location for your sessions, and we will arrange the rest for you.

We are planning an exciting renumeration package for you – in keeping with your rates and expectations. In the community forums, our facilitators will help you earn badges of honor, get certified and grow even taller!

we are flexible!


Your Audience

At Global IT Skills, we believe that our professors, trainers, and faculty should be part of the selection process of the students they want to train. Today’s young student will be the doyen of AI and machine consciousness in their prime days ahead. The foundation for this is the knowledge you impart from what you have learnt and experienced. Let us know your topic and the calibre of the students who you think will benefit from your training. Based on your theme and content, we will also curate the best-in-class students who will benefit and nurture themselves from your lectures and tips. 

Your Audience

  • Qualifications of the student
  • Age 
  • Basic knowledge or prerequisites
  • Tools and equipments you want!

Teaching Templates

We can customize the teaching module and pattern based on your requirements. Let us know how you want to get started. If you would like to have an in-Class session, our world class infrastructure has all the right amenities right in our classroom, whiteboards, flip boards, projectors et al.

If would like to have quizzes, live discussions, quick tests, questionairres, preparatory notes etc, we will arrange that for you. We have an in-house content writing team which can create course material and content for you.

world class infrastructure

trainer model

Train the Trainer Model

At Global IT Skills, we have very succinct process in place to train our trainers. We train our trainers to get the necessary certifications and practice. 

For our community experts, we can tailor the train the trainer model to bridge any skill gap. Years of being immersed in complex technology may not have given you time to hone your communication, teaching or language skills. With our model, we give you hands-on training in soft skills to help you better understand the student culture and communicate effectively with your audience.

Get in Touch!

Get in touch with us with any ideas you have about our AI community projects. We will work out the details asap!

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